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Electronic Recycling

 We have teamed with Missouri E-Cycle in an initiative to "Go Green". We are a registered recycler with E-Cycle Missouri as well as a registered collector with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and comply with all regulations during the recycle process. 

 Most items we accept for free, however, there may be a processing fee depending on the materials which you would like to bring in.  Please call us before you come by if you have any questions regarding a processing fee.  

We accept electronic equipment at our home location as well as go into communities and hold on site recycling drives to collect outdated, worn and unused equipment.  If you would like to set up a recycle drive, please contact us. 

Why Recycle?

To Protect Your Health and the Environment - Did you know computer monitors and older televisions contain an average of four pounds of lead? In addition to lead, electronics can contain chromium, cadmium, mercury, beryllium, nickel, zinc and brominated flame retardants. Properly reusing or recycling electronics prevents these heavy metals and other toxic materials from polluting our environment.  

To Conserve Our Natural Resources - Valuable material can be recovered from old electronics, and these materials can be used to make new products. Did you know gold, copper and other precious metals are used in computer circuit boards and other electronic components? Lead, glass and plastics are used in televisions and computer monitors. By recovering and reusing these materials, we reduce the need to mine for new raw materials. Besides being possibly disruptive to the environment, mining requires large amounts of energy.  

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